About Us

About AiXin

In November 2002, a group of overseas professionals from China, Taiwan and HongKong established the AiXin Foundation in the capital of the United States, with the goal of gathering resources to assist China’s fight against AIDS.  After 2004, the AiXin Foundation has committed to support the health promotion and health education that primarily focus on family and community based prevention. In the meantime, AiXin Foundation provides financial aid to young generation living in the poverty-stricken areas of China, encourages them to become independent and self-reliant, complete their studies, and serve the public. Nowadays, the focus of AiXin Foundation is to support and promote China’s public health, basic education, the culture exchange between Chinese and American youth, as well as the capacity-building of NGOs and grassroots.


Since its establishment, the AiXin Foundation has never collected any administration fees from the donations, nor has it had any full-time staff. It all depends on volunteers working together with donors who make generously contribution, and implementing the program activities through volunteers and strong local partners in China, to ensure that 100% of the donations reach those in need and being invested on where most needed.


Since its establishment in 2002, 16 years have passed by. At the beginning, AiXin Foundation has positioned itself as a public welfare platform, operated by the selfless contribution and dedication of the devoted people and volunteers from the United States and China. Although AiXin Foundation is tiny, we have been working hard. We hope to bring out the best outcome from the limited resources and achieve a refined and unique results.



Our Mission and Approach


The AiXin Foundation is committed to improving basic education and public health in impoverished areas of China; supporting capacity-building and development of non-profit organizations; and promoting cultural exchanges between China and the United States.

The AiXin Foundation helps friends caring about China at home and abroad to accomplish their wishes and deliver their love and caring. May each person can do their part to participate in and support the development and progress of Chinese society.


Board of Directors


President:                   Dr. Yongkai Weng

Executive Chief:        Dr. Yili Zhang

Treasurer:                   Mr. Fang Gao

Secretary:                   Ms. Yayin Xu

Technical Support:  Dr. Chuanshuo Hu

Public Relations:      Ms. Hanrong Dong


Dr. Yongkai Weng

“I consider myself to be one of the fortunate ones in my generation and I am very grateful. With compassion and a strong sense of responsibility, I strive to help the less fortunate to have a brighter future. I now have the good fortune of volunteering with friends who share this common vision and devotion. Let us go forth and continue to make this a rewarding journey for all!”


Ms. Monica (Yerk-Lin) Yu

“Being able to give, unconditionally, makes me feel so good! And, being a friend of those who feel the same way makes me feel so wealthy!”


Mr. Fang Gao

“I believe the most valuable gift is that you can bring hope to the helpless people.”


Dr. FengShi Wu

“I hope that AIDS prevention is the start for Aixin Foundation’s contribution to the improvement of China’s public health, and its good citizens’ participation in this course.”


Dr. Raymond Hu

“In the path that I have taken in life, even though I have experienced many difficulties, I have always been fortunate because of the help of others. Of these people, many of them I do not know by name and many more do not need me to return the favor. It is because of the help of these people that I have faith, and gave me the ability to make a living and the opportunity to give back to the community. I like to help those that need help, and thus return the favor to those that have helped me before. I hope that through my efforts I will be able to give them an opportunity and hope.”