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About AiXin:
 In November 2002, a group of overseas Chinese professionals based in the greater area of Washington, D.C. (originally from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) pulled their resources together and established the Aixin Foundation to assist the fight against AIDS epidemic in China. As AIDS prevention in China entered a new phase after 2004, Aixin’s team also re-adjusted its work focus and moved into the issue areas of public health, basic education, environmental protection and sustainable development in China’s underdeveloped regions, and cultural exchanges between China and the U.S.
Since the very beginning, Aixin aspires to be a non-profit platform for public good, and all team members work on voluntary basis. Aixin has so far operated with no paid employee (either fulltime or part-time), nor administrative cost. Aixin’s work has been solely sustained by contributions from its members, volunteers and private donors in both China and the U.S. As a public charitible organization, Aixin is small in terms of funding and organizational scale; however, this has never
prevented Aixin to conduct high-quality work and produce widespread social impact.
Board of Directors:
President: Yongkai Weng, Ph.D

Acting president: Yili Zhang, Ph.D.

Treasurer: Gao Fang

Secretary: Yayin Xu

Mailing address: AiXin Foundation, Inc.
13621 Valley Oak Circle,
Rockville, MD 20850

+1 (301)-309-9421 or  +1 (202)-321-8558


E-mail: AixinFund@Gmail.com


AiXin Members’ words:

Dr. Yongkai Weng
I consider myself to be one of the fortunate ones in my generation and I am very grateful. With compassion and a strong sense of responsibility, I strive to help the less fortunate to have a brighter future. I now have the good fortune of volunteering with friends who share this common vision and devotion. Let us go forth and continue to make this a rewarding journey for all!


Ms. Monica (Yerk-Lin) Yu
Being able to give, unconditionally, makes me feel so good! And, being a friend of those who feel the same way makes me feel so wealthy!


Mr. Fang Gao
I believe the most valuable gift is that you can bring hope to the helpless people


Dr. FengShi Wu
I hope that AIDS prevention is the start for Aixin Foundation’s contribution to the improvement of China’s public health, and its good citizens’ participation in this course.


Dr. Raymond Hu
In the path that I have taken in life, even though I have experienced many difficulties, I have always been fortunate because of the help of others. Of these people, many of them I do not know by name and many more do not need me to return the favor. It is because of the help of these people that I have faith, and gave me the ability to make a living and the opportunity to give back to the community. I like to help those that need help, and thus return the favor to those that have helped me before. I hope that though my efforts I will be able to give them an opportunity and hope.


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