AiXin Program

In the past two years, the Chinese government has stepped up its efforts to alleviate poverty, and improve the quality in rural basic education and public health. With the rapid development of Chinese economy, as a force to promote social development and progress, public welfare has gradually become a cause closely related to Chinese society and the public.


Since its inception in 2002, the AiXin Foundation has positioned itself as a platform for public welfare and a bridge between Chinese and American non-governmental exchanges. It has been operated with selfless donations and dedication of people and volunteers from the United States and China. Our role is supporter and facilitator. We provide services in the areas of health, education and sustainable development.


Today’s China is facing enormous opportunities and challenges. As an international non-governmental organization, we clearly realize that we must work hand in hand to promote the cooperation among the government, enterprises, academic circles and social organizations, integrate resources to form a joint force, in order to face and gradually solve the problem in China together. With limited capital investment, the AiXin Foundation advocates and participates in the implementation of sustainable development pilot projects with demonstration significance. Most of our projects are innovative and strive to maximize benefits, especially in rural health education, which promotes practical change and cross-border exchanges and cooperation to benefit more people.


With the support of our donors and partners, the work of the AiXin Foundation in China was basically stable and progressing in the past years. We continued to help the children of more than 300 poor and disabled families in Anhui and Hebei Province. The Health Education Program continued to advance in Henan pilot area and disseminated new experience to other places in the country. In particular, the Diet Education Promotion Plan, which is strongly supported by the AiXin Foundation, has made great progress in the past two years and has been recognized by governments and society at all levels.


The Building Bridges US-China Youth Culture Exchange Program was successfully held in Hongdong of Shanxi Province and Qingzhou in Shandong Province, in 2017 and 2018 respectively, which promoted the communication and understanding between the young people in China and the United States. It was also an eye-opening experience for many rural children. The AiXin Foundation continued to support a number of domestic non-profit organizations in the fields of health, education and environmental protection to enhance the capacity-building of non-profit organizations and assist them to grow and develop. Through these programs, AiXin Foundation has affected at least 46,000 lives. We also continued to publish the AiXin Column every week in media in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, to help friends in overseas who pay close attention to China and would like to learn more about the news that emerging in China at grass-roots level.


All of these above is inseparable from the support of our loved ones and partners. Looking back, the AiXin Foundation has gone through 16 years. As a small non-profit organization, we walk on the land of China, and we hope to do our job well in a down-to-earth manner. Our strength lies in the trust and support of the people in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, as well as the participation of domestic grass-roots volunteers and the support of local governments, so that the programs can be settled down.


The AiXin Foundation starts from small with the hope to help friends who care about China at home and abroad to fulfill their wishes and pass on their love. In the future, bearing your trust and love, we hope we can get everyone’s encouragement and support as always. Thank you for your love and dedication to those in need!


— Yongkai Weng, President of the AiXin Foundation