US-CHINA Cultural Exchange Program

Support the Summer Program of the “Building Bridges”

Over the past 15 years, AiXin Foundation has supported and coordinated the program of “Building Bridges” which was initiated by a students’ club called Building Bridges in Yale University. The program, based on the carrier of language, science and technology with a core of intercultural communication, mainly aims at inspiring teenage students in impoverished areas in China.

The program opens a window to broaden the rural students’ views towards the world. On the other hand, the program also provides opportunities to college students from top universities in China and US to learn a real China, which helps the communication and understanding between Chinese and American youngsters.

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“Teens Helping Kids Workshop”

“Teens Helping Kids Workshop” was founded by Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ), located near Washington DC. Studnets from 9th grade through to their senior year, shared the magic of words with eager learners, and supported children in impoverished zones and marginalized communities through AiXin Foundation.

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