AiXin Rural Education Program

AiXin’s Rural Education Program has been aunched since 2006, with the original purpose of facilitating overseas make donations to students with disabilities or economically disadvantaged in China. All the funds have been directly given 100% to the students in need. The target beneficiaries are children whose parent(s) are disabled or children themselves with disabilities in Shitai County, Anhui Province. In Pinshan, Lingshou and Laiyuan Counties in HeBei, the focus group of students is the economically disadvantaged population.

AiXin’s success over the past 17 years is largely attributed to the earnestness and commitment of many volunteers, especially those working in the localities. They have done tremendous amount of work, including selecting and confirming eligible students, submitting the applying material, visiting the students’ families, and monitoring the implementation to the fulfillment of the Program requirements.