” Teens-Helping Kids”: transforming the educational trajectories of 26 students through online creative writing classes

 ” Teens-Helping Kids”: transforming the educational trajectories of 26 students through online creative writing classes


TJ High School Student-Led Initiative Shares the Magic of Words with Genuine Empathy


Located near Washington DC, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ) is widely recognized as the best public high school in the United States. At TJ, under the visionary guidance of Brian Zhou and Isabella Cai, the “Teens-Helping-Kids Workshop” blossomed, representing more than just another student group—it embodied genuine empathy and commitment.

From the outset, the group realized the potential of merging education with charity. Drawing on their academic strengths, those TJ students devised a groundbreaking initiative: online creative writing classes. But these weren’t just any ordinary courses. From 9th grade through to their senior year, these altruistic students persistently taught, imparted knowledge, and shared the magic of words with eager learners from various corners of the world.

The mechanics were simple yet profound. Those who attend the creative writing classes would enroll, pay a modest tuition fee, and in return, receive world-class tutoring in creative writing. As years rolled by, this initiative turned into a tradition, where multiple TJ students took on the mantle, ensuring the program’s continuity.





Supported Children in Destitute Regions through AiXin Foundation


Through relentless efforts and unwavering dedication, over the span of four years, the Teens-Helping-Kids Workshop raised an awe-inspiring sum of $8,000. Every cent of this hard-earned money found its way to the AiXin Foundation, underpinning the workshop’s commitment to redirecting 100% of their proceeds to the cause. This significant contribution transformed the educational trajectories of 26 secondary school students in need, offering them opportunities they might never have imagined.

The “Teens-Helping-Kids Workshop” was organized with an acute awareness of the grim realities facing children in impoverished zones and marginalized communities. This student-led initiative welcomed participants from diverse backgrounds, creating a melting pot of ideas, resources, and shared aspirations.


A Movement Where Compassion was Translated into Measurable Outcomes


The goals of “Teens-Helping-Kids Workshop” were two-fold:

Cultivating an environment where mutual understanding was paramount. By pooling resources and fostering communications, the workshop aspired to spur collective growth and progress.

Creating a platform that not only raised funds but also heightened awareness. By introducing participating TJ high school students to the faces behind the statistics, the workshop expanded the circle of empathy and action.

Their modus operandi surpassed mere sentiment. By embracing technology, they facilitated a seamless confluence of the online and offline worlds. The result? A movement where compassion was translated into measurable outcomes.

The workshop’s overarching aim was crystal clear: ensuring children from economically constrained backgrounds could dream of, and achieve, a 12-year education. The funds, collected with precision and transparency, were dispatched to the AiXin Foundation, guaranteeing that beneficiaries received maximum benefit. The ripples of their actions are evident, with numerous children from destitute regions now nurturing dreams and hopes, all thanks to the endeavors of the dedicated Teens-Helping-Kids Workshop and participating high school students.




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